Page design assignment for graphics class

Req: G

As promised, here’s the Page Design assignment for graphics class. Again, note that many of the requirements are not due until the portfolio is submitted at the end of the semester.

Page Design Assignment

Your page assignment will be to redesign the first three pages of The Aquinas.

Portfolio Specifications:

1) You will use the Aquinas template.

2) Your design will be printed on 11×17-inch paper (portfolio only).

3) The InDesign file or files should be turned in on a 3½-inch floppy disk, CD-ROM, flash drive or comparable medium in IBM format (portfolio only).

4) Your redesign should be accompanied by a 2-3 verbal description (portfolio only) of what you have done and why. For example, what font, size, style did you use for body text? What kind of grid did you use? This may be in narrative or list format.

5) You should use the book as a source of ideas for this.


Your design will be evaluated based upon a variety of considerations, including, but not limited to:

1) The actual design

a. Completeness – are all the nuts & bolts included?

b. Consistency – are the elements consistent from page to page?

c. Clarity – does the design enhance the content?

d. Creativity – did you just reorganize the newspaper or is their a “freshness” to your design?

2) The description

a. Completeness – are all elements of the design addressed?

b. Consistency – does the description match the design?

c. Clarity – do you use the correct terms to describe the elements of your design?

d. Conciseness – do you describe the design in the fewest words necessary?


1) You can download copy and photos from student newspapers on the Web. Student publications at other universities can be found listed online. (Note that this is for the class page design assignment only. Downloading stories/photos from the Web for actual publication would not constitute fair use and therefore would not be permissible.)

2) Make certain that headlines, stories, photos and cutlines conform to proper graphics guidelines. How the content looks in the assignment is more important than the precise content. Therefore you can be fairly flexible about the types of stories that you use.

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